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Pablo Kim L.

A little review: I’ve been going to Dian for some months already. I had been looking for a sports masseur for quite some time with no good results and finally I found Dian!
As someone who runs a lot preparing for races up to the marathon distance and triathlon for years I do get tight and kinks on my muscles. Dian is great… not only her gentle but firm hands but also her approach to massage therapy is the BEST I’ve had so far… she listens to what your problems are and does not use the “one size fits all” approach to the problems and also gives advice and feedback on what she feels.
She also has interest in follow up information on how things are feeling and such which is a big plus as she keeps that in mind for the next time you see her.
In my case she’s undone some very annoying muscular problems that have plagued me this year, I’ll certainly will keep going to her as I do feel that my recovery from training does benefit and not just when I’m injured or have problems.
I totally recommend Dian and can’t say enough good things!

Pablo Kim L.
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